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Terms of Service

How we work together

Thanks for choosing our website development services! We’re excited to help bring your website vision to life. Before we get started, let’s go over a few key points.

1. Your role

You have the driver’s seat when it comes to your content. We’re here to help shape it into a fantastic website. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions for all content you provide to us.

2. Our role

We’ll use our skills to craft you an outstanding website based on what we agree in our contract. Remember, unless we specify otherwise, our services don’t cover hosting, maintenance, or updates to your website.

3. Paying us

We trust that you understand the importance of paying for our hard work. We’ll provide all payment details and deadlines in our contract. Let’s respect them to keep our collaboration smooth!

4. Who owns what

We’re proud of our work and like to showcase it. So unless we agree otherwise, we’ll retain the rights to the code, graphics, and other materials we create for your website. But don’t worry - you’ll have all the necessary rights to use your website as planned!

5. We do our best, but we’re not perfect

We’re committed to delivering excellent service, but there might be occasional bumps in the road. We can’t promise our services will always be flawless or uninterrupted, but we’ll always strive to correct any issues that might come up.

6. Things can change

From time to time, we might need to update these terms. We’ll keep you in the loop by posting any changes on this page. Continuing to use our services means you’re okay with any new terms.

7. Get in touch!

Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

Remember, while these Terms of Service aim to be friendly and straightforward, they’re still a legal document. We encourage you to read them carefully.

And just a heads-up: These Terms of Service follow Canadian law.

Last updated: May 27, 2023